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Here is your blue butterfly dear Vilmos! At least until you show us the picture of the real thing.... All my thoughts, prayers and good wishes to you are flying over the ocean on these delicate wings.
Get well soon and keep writing 'cause it's amazing!


utiledulci said...

Dear Marco,
I was waiting for this previous post, wanted to know what happened after the church. But to read all this! My God, it's a socking twist in the story. But on the other side, i feel sorry for your friendship, beacuse the way you described her in the past, she was really a good one. I hope one day you can resolve this thing. And she shouldn't have smoke at all at that point, knowing a child is breathing through her lungs...
I think the most important thing is the loving family, and as long as you don't shout, whith each other or make shocking things in Gabrieles life, he would be the happiest person of all! I alway think of Birdcage, the movie, i watched it in London a few months back, and it's a family. My parents fucked up their lifes, and it affected me, and there are soo many divored parent people out there and they all hurt.
So just love your husband and baby and don't worry about some narrow minded people.
Thank you for the blue butterfly!!! :)
Love, Vilmos