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Hi folks!

Remember when in high-school the rugby jocks were always breaking your balls with their macho antics? Well, it turns out that some of them are actually flying the rainbow flag, and about time too!
This is quite an inspiring story that finally proves that we are not all hairdressers, fashion designers or dancers....
Looking forward to the another sport-related coming out party and it better be football next ( soccer for our US friends...).
Maybe this is what a football-crazed country like Italy will need to wake up and smell the coffee (...or the jockstraps...). Maybe, when a perceived macho man says that 'it's ok to be gay', then it really becomes ok....
I am not being sarcastic! Look at Berlusconi! He made cavorting with underage girls morally acceptable in such religious country!
Go on Silvio.... Endorse us as well!
I have taken this too far! Forget it.... Stick to your teenage prostitutes Mr Berlusconi.... We don't need any more bad press....
We need heroes like Mr Thomas! And, before you start sniggering, no, he is not my type. Besides, I have already married my superhero!



Thanks Mr Thomas, you actually got me interested in sports, for once!