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I mean, is this 19 year old guy the sad outcome of bad parenting? Is he the society's reject some of you wanted to believe he was destined to become? Is he ill at ease in front of the self proclaimed 'normal people'? Does he look like 'damaged goods' to you?
No... He does not.
He is bright, articulate, confident, charismatic and eloquent.
Do you think that Zach happened to be the way he is because he was raised by two women? Are lesbians the Ferraris of child rearing and education?
I don't think so... Not for a second.
He is the amazing young man he is, because he was raised by a loving, nurturing family that HAPPENS to have two women as the parents.
I defy ANY parent reading this, gay or straight, to say that they wouldn't be extremely proud to have a son like that.
Then work on your children. Be good parents. Love your children, support them, encourage them, stimulate them, inspire them and keep your eyes open, because you can still learn from the very people you sometimes put down.
The same people that are so beautifully defended by their son in this poignant video.



Kat in Wien said...

Oh, wow, where's the "like" button? Thanks for the video, I shared it on fb. What an amazing, smart young man.
This happened to me just recently after yoga practice: I was wearing a shirt that said "Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it" and a lady asked, in disbelief, "Excuse me, but does this have to do with your... er... personal life? You sure don't look like one of them" Well jeez, lady, thanks for telling me I don't look like a 'dude'...