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Hi there!

Here I am again trying to kick Nigella's fat arse with another recipe....
The following chicken stew recipe belonged to my late mother in law Marlene. She was born in Calcutta from a British father and an Indian mother during the golden years of the Raj.
I got it through my lovely Steven, because from time to time, I do force him to cook for me and to shell-out everything he learnt from his beloved mother. You see, I am suffering the fate of many italians married to non-italians.
"You are italian, so you MUST love cooking!", or so it goes, and you find yourself chained to the stove, stirring a huge pot of tomato sauce for all eternity....
Anyway, this recipe is easy-peasy, nothing to measure, just a bunch of this, a pinch of that.... Honestly, it's really really idiot proof, so even Nicholas Farrell could try it for himself and stop writing homophobic articles to relieve his poor wife of the gruelling duties of being Mrs Farrell.

Ok, you need:

3 or 4 Chicken breasts, diced
A selection of mixed vegetables (1 broccoli crown, carrots, 1 cauliflower, 2 potatoes, some peas)
1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
1/2 Onion
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
1 Cinnamon stick
1 Hot chopped chilli pepper (optional)

Basmati Rice (for the cooking method of this rice please read my previous post here)

Pour a couple of spoons of olive oil in the pot, add the onion finely sliced, 3 cloves, 2 cardamom seeds, 1 stick of cinnamon, the optional chilli and gently fry it all up until the onion is soft and golden.
Add the chopped chicken breast and sauté it until it's sealed on all sides.
Then add the chopped vegetables, salt, pepper to taste and the tinned tomatoes.
Stir everything up, then fill the pot with water and return it to the fire covering with a lid.
I usually cook it for about 1 hour, as I like it when the vegetables get all mushy, but you could opt for a crunchier version and cook it for less.
Before you know it, your kitchen will be filled with the wonderful aroma of oriental spices.... Cinnamon, cardamom and cloves..... Gorgeous!
While the stew is cooking, prepare the Basmati Rice as seen here.
Once everything is ready, to serve put two spoonfuls of rice in a bowl and top it with a couple of ladlefuls of stew.
Here at home we like to eat it with some Brinjal Pickle on the side. It's a truly yummy, comforting and warming dish for all the family and a lovely memento of a truly wonderful woman that, sadly, is no longer with us.

Buon Appetito!


The leftovers will make a fabulous soup the day after by blending down everything and serving it with croutons. Only remember to remove the cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamom before blending!!


Selkis said...

Per spezie come chiodi di garofano, cannella etc, io uso un filtro di garza, come quelli per il the. Così posso individuarli e scartarli senza problemi, ed evitare di trovarmi con pezzi di cardamomo tra i denti :-)