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Hi folks!

This video is for Silvia, one of my readers, because she doesn't know me, yet she has always nice things to say about me (and not always to my face, which is even more endearing...).
I don't know what kind of animal you are, I don't know if you've ever been hunted down, or what boxes you like to tick, but I know beauty when I see it and I know you see it too.
Beauty is a great way to forget our scars and be optimistic again.

Grazie del supporto Silvia, sei davvero un tesoro!


Sacha Puttnam is one of my favourite composers.Check out his work with Chris Coco "Remasterpiece" on Itunes.... x


Silvia said...

Got no moved me to tears!
I felt you were a amazingly marveleous person, now it's confirmed...