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Ok, maybe not so... Politics bore me to tears...
But what you can do, you can click on the pink badge here on the left and help "The Queenfather" get on top of the 25 most popular LGBT blogs on the planet!
'Circle Of Moms', from S. Francisco has selected my blog to become one of the best and to give it exposure. Help me out and vote for me by clicking on the badge ONCE A DAY until may 13th.....
Let's kick J.K. Rawling's sweet ass!!

Happy Easter!

P.S. As of today I am leading the competition! Keep up the voting and thank you all for your love!



Unknown said...

Done honey, and you can vote daily on this one...Good luck and happy Easter. ax

jon said...

Bloody brilliant! Have you RSVP'd yet to the small do on Friday?

Silvia said...

no sooner said than done! [ma non c'è un modo più breve per dire in inglese "detto fatto"?!?]

Anonymous said...

Found you via Gerry on facebook. Great blog now following Donna x

The Queen Father said...

Thank you Donna for your support! Looking forward to reading your comments!
Keep up the voting, I'm gonna win this thing!!! xxx

The Queen Father said...

Silvia, sei una bomba! Sotterramoli de voti! xxx