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Dear Kate,

I hope you have found the time to vote for my blog in the Best LGBT Parent Blog competition by Circle of Moms.
I expect the above link to go viral in Buckingham Palace within the next hours....
First of all, let me apologise for not having been able to attend the festivities in occasion of your wedding, but unfortunately, my rather boisterous (albeit adorable) son, makes us somewhat unsuitable dinner guests to sit at any table, even Camilla's.
Said that, I need to tell you: you surely showed them girl!
You looked amazing and I defy anyone out there to say that you didn't look like royalty. Honestly, all your detractors, all of those people sniggering over you having to wait for the big proposal, having to fritter away in meaningless jobs whilst waiting for that tiara, having to put your life on hold in the hope of becoming Britain's Next Queen, nicknaming you 'Waity Katie'....... I bet they're chewing at their elbows now.
The wait has paid off. For everybody!
The dress was pure magic, your demeanour was nothing but regal and yet endearingly 'princess-next-door'. You did me proud!
Looking back at what Diana looked like during those first official interviews, one cannot help but draw comparisons and admit that she was like a deer in the headlights. Shy, awkward, naive. A girl obviously 'pushed' in an arranged match, in a situation she had no control over and the subsequent years sadly proved this to be a dramatic truth.
But oh! The sheer luxury of marrying for love!
That makes all the difference.
I am sure you have been sufficiently warned against the venomousness of the british press, one day they'll think you are fat, the next that you are anorexic. One day your make up will be too heavy, the next you'll wear next to no make up and they'll say that the strain of royal life already shows on your face.
They'll praise you and make an example of your social extraction: the first working-class royal;
the next day they'll say that you are nothing more than the daughter of an over ambitious air-stewardess who got lucky.
I couldn't believe when I read that they refer to your mum as "Doors To Manual"....
My advice to you? Remember why you married and remember also who your detractors are: all those fickle people gasping at the news of you wearing Diana's engagement ring, looking at you as if you were a grave-robber, totally ignoring the fact that the biggest gift you received from Diana is in fact William.
A compassionate, human, kind young man that decided to marry the girl he loves, not the one that etiquette and protocol considered as the most suitable.
That's why when I heard the reporter lamenting Diana's absence from the nuptials, I couldn't help but smile realising that she was, in fact, all over this event.
Why do you think that the princes decided to arrive early at the church to personally greet friends and relatives before the ceremony took place?
Why do they even think you are standing at the altar looking every inch the fairy-tale princess every girl dreams of being?
Why do they think William was in the streets the night before the celebrations, to meet all the bystanders sleeping rough in the street to secure a good position for the parade of the day after?
This is the influence of a great mother, of a great woman that challenged royal protocol and injected love, humanity and life in an old establishment more and more detached from reality.
Diana has paved the way for a little girl, a commoner's daughter to marry her prince charming.
You are the face of change.
Just remember this when the press wants to eat your soul.
I should know, as a gay parent that challenges the status quo of the traditional family, I slam against people's opinion every day...
Before I go, I wish to extend my congratulations to William as well (perhaps he would look more handsome with a zero-crop, now that he has as much hair as me....), and want to ask you something: that your first born is a girl, so that my son can marry her. Mind you, I am not making any assumptions over my son's future sexuality, but I thought that the days of two kings ruling one country together is still millennia away....
I dream of the easier option.
After Obama became the first black president, I feel that it's only fair that the next step in history would be having a member of the royal family that comes from same sex parents.
You have heard it here first!

Lots of love to you Kate.... Oooops, I meant, Princess Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge
(what about 'PC-DOC' for friends?), looking forward to seeing you working it and I know you goddam will!!!

QF x

As I write I get knowledge of Osama Bin Laden's death. I can only say that, after a royal wedding and the death of an evil character, this weekend couldn't get any more Disney if we tried....


jon said...

A BIG wedding, a BIG BEATIFICATION, followed by a BIG funeral. Looks like the powers that be who schedule these things got the timing right this time around. 8-)

Wedding was gorgeous. We've been watching replays all weekend. Still haven't figured out what a "troth" is. Whatever it is, William verbally gave his to Kate. I heard it with my own ears. 8-)