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The ‘Gay Pride Parade’ season has gone.

Unless I miscalculate and somehow the 'Vatican City Gay Pride Parade' is about to take to the street with its mix of clergy and posh bankers, it's all over now...
The glitter and confetti have been swept from the streets.
The feather boas return to languish in the closet, along with the wigs and polyester dresses with padded bra ‘à la Jessica Rabbit’.
The ‘sexy cop’ costume is folded in the drawer with the furry handcuffs and the toy gun.
Back to work from tomorrow. Some of you in a suit, others in jeans and shirt, somebody else will instead go back to studying for that looming degree. 
Good luck by the way...
The ‘Gay Pride Parade’ season has gone.

'Why the hell won't they grant us the right to have a family? We're lovely people really...'

I intentionally distance myself from some aspects of Pride because I do not think they represent me fairly.

I do not want to be a traitor to my "Cultural Group", although nowadays 'Judas' is ever so popular, thanks to 'you know who' (God bless her...), but I’d like to slap some people going to the Parade.
They have only one day a year, where they can take to the streets all together and really show something that the world has never seen before and what do they do?
They advertise sex and sleaze as if in a Tom of Finland Carnival.

I cannot come to terms with the fact that any Mr Average, chooses such a big day to get out of his Post Office Employee uniform and dress up like a... a.... You tell me: a pair of black vinyl shorts and a dog collar studded with spikes, combat boots and a boyfriend in leather chaps who walks him around on the leash like a dog.
Is that your best part Mr? 
Is that all you have to say about yourself and your life? No because from what you show, it looks like that’s all you are about.
Is this your Gay Pride? And you are proud of what exactly?
I have a nice ass too you know? Even if ever so slightly less firm than it used to be...

Oh it makes me angry.  No, not my butt heading south.

Guess who's the Mayor....

I'm gay too! Actually, to be fair, I am so gay that in my case perhaps it is also infectious and contagious, like Ebola.
I married a man and now I have a son. 
I am gay too, even if I wouldn’t be caught dead dressed up as a vinyl-chewing slut.
I wish that that guy could tell me:  how do I educate my son about the decorum and dignity of any individual's sexuality (straight or gay) with these examples that 'should' represent my category?
How do I teach him the importance of being master of his own body and respect it when Mr Average walks on all fours, half naked, on a leash, while his partner takes him for walkies down to Pride?
Call me a snob if you like, but to be gay, those folks lack a certain 'class' that we all like to pride ourselves about.
I mean, do these folks have REALLY something to say during the Gay Pride or is it just an excuse to show off their cracks, provoke and give to the public EXACTLY what they expect from us gays already?

Some of us are busting their butts trying to convince the world that we are normal families and that we are not the stereotypes always dressed in black leather and studs, and what do these assholes do?
They give us all bad press.

Now, would you put a child in the loving care of someone dressed up as the gimp?
Didn’t think so. 
Come on now... I am not beating down on anybody with a healthy libido and a 'colourful' sex life, but for fuck's sake! Keep it to the bedroom! I don't need to see you half naked down the street. It doesn't shock me.... 
I've seen it all, like most of you, but it really pisses me off.

We're all equal... Except my back is not hairy... And it's covered... And my butt too...

Do not tell me that I sound like Mother Teresa because then you’d really get me angry, but I say, if you want to dress up as an S&M whore and show off in the worst possible taste on the parade’s floats to spite the Pope (more than legitimately...), or give a stroke to your father for punching your face to a pulp upon discovering that you are gay, I understand. There is a lot of anger and desire for revenge.
But have you nothing else to say? Nothing else to show?

For once, I would not complain against all those people who say that the Gay Pride is an undignified carnival.
Certainly it seems to be just that, to the detriment of its core-message.

The world thinks that us gay men are promiscuous beings par excellence, that we go around dressed like a cartoon by Tom of Finland and that we are obsessed with sex.
Obviously these are stereotypes that are funny and false.
Nothing you would think by looking at some elements in the Gay Pride Parade. It’s also true that not everybody engages in such displays of ‘controversy’, but the ones that do, just end up giving the rest of us a bad image. 

The world doesn’t give a shit about how you like to ‘spice it up’ in the bedroom, moreover, it’s nothing our heterosexual counterparts haven’t done already. But there is a place for such things and it’s not in the streets.
You get me?

You say I’m bigoted?
Maybe yes, a little bit, I am italian after all, but I am convinced that the worst enemy of the gay community, sometimes it’s the gays themselves, and when there is an opportunity to make a difference, we should have the decency to put back our shirts (and pants .. ) and show all the dignity that we are not attributed. 
After all, for me it’s hard to take seriously someone who wants to talk to me about equality and political rights and tolerance whilst, on all fours, he is trying to lick my shoes.
Certain demands deserve a different kind of composure.
Ok, now I'm going to take my curlers off  ‘cause they’ve given me a migraine.



Let me clarify that I was not possessed by the spirit of Rev. Phelps. I had a chat with my mum and, talking about the 'Gay Pride', she said " What a load of crap.... But you guys (meaning me and my husband ...) are not like them.... Why all those beautiful boys dress like this? It’s so crude... Do they usually do this?"
"Mom, I don’t know .... Of course not ... "
"And why choose such an important day for many people to give such show? If there ever was a march for Housewives Rights, I wouldn’t get my tits out .... I would have far too much to say....".

Put a patch on it.


CinfulCinnamon said...

I'm one of your newest GFC followers. This post was wonderful. And says so much. Remember the days when you had to "closet" a post like yours? When the best that Gay people could hope for were all the drag queens trying to represent in the parades, while the rest of us hid? The time has definitely come for everyone to at least try to appear somewhat socially acceptable. And I don't think that it means that anyone has to be untrue to themselves. So many strides have been made for Gay rights. And yes, many people before us took the slings and arrows so that we are where we are. It's not disrespectful to ask our brothers and sisters to put their clothes back on and take the next steps. There is still Mardi Gras for the costumes. And theme nights at the bars. Now that people want families......don't make everyone feel like traitors just because we'd like to explain the "birds and the bees" before the kids have to have it shoved in their faces. Great post.

The Queen Father said...

Well, thank you so much for your words! You know, when you are part of a community like the LGBT one, you akways feel like you need to mince your words to avoid being pointed out as the 'traitor', but the truth is that we all want respect and equality and there is nothing respectable or egalitarian about such displays. They are only contributing to what already sets us apart from the rest of society.
Thanks for joining my little circus!

QF x

Sorry to ask, but... What is GFC? ;0)

la tina said...

queenfather i don't think you should consider yourself a triator. maybe you've reached a level of selfconciousness and respect for yourself that some of the people partecipating to gaypride still have to reach. or maybe they think that the best way to say what they want to say is to shock and provoke the "others". I don't know, but I get your point. and congrats for the way you say it :)

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