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Well? What are those surprised little faces?
Did you really think I would let Ms De Nicolò go without clubbing her in her shins, visibly smeared with margarine?
But then you do not know me well ....
No, I mean, she gets invited on TV to talk about her twisted world where dishonesty, greed and the most extreme sluttiness become virtues, where they become the golden keys that open doors to a dazzling success, and I should just shut up?
No way...
Please watch this video first (and marvel at her glistening shins...), then we’ll bash her a little... Or a lot....

Apart from the fact that everything Terry said, she said with an accent and phlegm that makes me want to set fire to the hair with a blowtorch, just to shake her a little, but what's really frightening it’s that part of what she says it's true.
Italy also rolls this way.

She starts firing the big guns by singing the praise of Mr Tarantini (investigated and jailed for providing prostitutes for Berlusconi's private parties...) as a man that reached the apex of success. Then she carries on touching all the dogmas that compose her collection of values.
"With honesty, you don’t make big business..." ( No really!? But at least you can sleep well at night ... Have you seen this girl’s dark circles? )
"Beauty has a price and must be paid ..." (Gospel! Every cow-breeder out there says this when going to the fair to sell livestock...)
"A beautiful woman must be able to sell herself, if she wants to..." (read: "A woman with the character of a whore, should be able to use her talent ..." And it’s all well and good, do as you want, just don’t slam your tits on my car’s windscreen when I see you on the street and don’t make passes at my husband ...).
"Ask any woman in the street, ask her to go to Silvio and she’ll go even on foot ... Even running... "(obviously where Terry lives, they are all whores who run in the streets, like many crazy ants, and at the word ‘Silvio’, they all line up and run towards Palazzo Grazioli...) .
"If you're ugly, if you’re disgusting, stay at home ..." (obviously the world of women in Italy is divided into two: the pretty ones whoring around and the ugly ones at home, peeling potatoes ...).
I do not want to dwell on all the things she said, because, at the end, it wasn’t science fiction.
She exposed that universe of showgirls, champagne, luxury cars, corruption, drugs, bribery and prostitution that comes into our homes every day through the TV.

Terry has had the stomach to expose a kind of reality that has deep roots in Italy and that extends through politics, business, religion and culture itself.
With her beautiful dress worth two thousand euros, the flute of champagne, the expensive manicure and her greased up legs, she has showed herself for what she is: a girl not entirely devoid of beauty, that chose what was the best part of her to get ahead in life and make a career.
She found this part to be between her legs and never looked back.
Beauty is indeed an asset that not everyone possesses, as much as brains and a kind heart. Unfortunately for her, Terry finds herself having to rely on the most unreliable of the three, and sooner or later, when no one will want to use her ‘services’ anymore, her life will end.
Then she will realize how hard are those ‘years of the sheep’ as she calls them, how cold is the world without the affection of the people you sold on the streets, blinded by the lights of Palazzo Grazioli and realize especially how worn out her vagina is, at least as much as her soul.
But that we can already see this in her face, in spite of all her makeup.
I must admit, I was profoundly disgusted at her waving around her ‘truths’ as they were social dogmas, especially when I think of how many times I read that in Italy it’s us homosexuals that represent an attack on public morality.
Sorry, but what morality are we are talking about? No, because with representatives such as Terry, I know that you would only learn from us faggots.... 
And I knowingly put myself so low as to compare myself to her. I should not use these tricks to raise my image of gay, but I wanted to take stock of the situation.
The TV censors an entire episode of 'Bringing in the Convent' because it focused on a same-sex marriage, but Terry is interviewed and commented in abundance.
What do you want your children to learn? That two persons of the same sex have the right to love, marry and have a family, or that a heartless whore can pontificate on morality and make a spectacle of herself and all her baseness?
Who do you want to reward? Those who love honestly, or those who earn immorally?
It's hard to choose you say? 
Then, I guess, in your indecision you've already chosen.
And poor you.
QF x