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Hi all,

what a depressing time of the year! Outside is cold and wet (here in London...), the VAT has shot up to 20% leaving us all lighter in the pocket, we're all struggling to get to the end of the month to replenish our bank accounts with some cash. In the midst of so much bleakness, I could only welcome the news coming from Italy about Silvio Berlusconi having to fend for himself in court against allegations of having paid for sex with underage girls. Against all, expectations though, in a stroke of genius and with the precise intent of avoiding all accusations against him, the italian premier has 'confessed' of being in a secret, long-term relationship with a mistery-woman ever since his wife told him to get lost.
So all the allegations of immoral and illegal behaviour can drop to the floor without a sound. He thinks.
We must remember though that who's talking is a 74 year old man that (as my friend Simo described) wears as much make up as a slut and that could be buried under the mountain of allegations, accusations, confessions and general discrediting material against him built up throughout the years of his political career.
Hence the hilarity of the whole story. I must concede though, the man is definitely creative in his bullshitting. Somebody went as far as to imagine the Premier coming out as gay in order to escape accusations....
Let's see what happens.
There was another piece of news that stirred up my bowel this week: the three Anglican Bishops being re-ordained as Catholic Priests in Westminster Cathedral.
Now, I am for the 'live and let live' principle, so, if you feel like trading one set of complications for a worse one, then be my guest.
What really pissed me off was realising that the motivating factor behind their decision to abandon the Anglican Church in favour of the Catholic one, was the decision of the former to start ordaining women bishops.

Even worse was my realisation that all three of these men are married and yet allowed to be re-ordained. So, now it turns out that you CAN be a catholic priest and be married, but you can't be a woman and be a priest.
"Oh, but we have that covered!" says Ratzy, back at the Vatican, meaning the 'married' bit, not the 'woman' bit, that's still a no-no... Ok?
It turns out that, in fact, these three men will be the pioneering group belonging to a brand new church.
Its name was unveiled as the 'Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham', led by one of the three newly re-ordained priests, Father Newton.
He will preside over a church within a church, where normal Catholic rules don't apply. As well as a married priesthood, it can use its own prayer books and rites, imported from Anglicanism.

What a historical effort!
"Do you find yourself at odds with your current church but you happen to be married? No problem! I'll create a new church just for you.... As long as you become one of us!".
Sounds like Ratzy has a lot to share in his demeanor with the Emperor from Star Wars (he kind of looks like him too don't you find?).
Jokes aside, what could really be the start of a new catholic sensibility towards human nature and represent something good and a force for change, unfortunately doesn't do anything else but confirm the church as a staunchly sexist establishment.
Usually, married men cannot be ordained as Catholic priests unless the wife dies (!!!), although there are a series of examples within the Eastern Christian Orthodox Church of married priests. If you are a Catholic, you must ditch the women (and the men...) and embrace a sexless relationship with God.

But here we have witnessed the bending of some pretty strong rules, to accommodate a certain situation, and yet, when it comes to women, every door is shut.
You can be a nun of varying degrees of importance and servitude, but when it comes to sitting at the board with the other big shots, no one wants you there. Actually, they make you feel bad for even wanting to get there because, as pope John II put it "Ministerial priesthood is an expression of service, not of domination...".
You greedy women!! Who do you think you are? Go back to dusting... You left a little bit of dust over there by the way... Just behind the crucifix... No.... NO WOMAN! To the LEFT of the altar....
What was I saying? Ah... Yes...
So why is that women get the shitty end of the stick all the time?
"The Bible says that Jesus had 12 apostles and they were all men!" I heard somewhere.
I can appreciate this statement and dismiss it as ignorance.
I believe that history is written by the winners. The same winners, in this case, that decided to select 4 out of the dozens of Gospels ever written and stick them together to form the greatest best seller of all times: The Bible.
But perception is reality, and, as misinformed and manipulated as this perception is, it has formed the centuries-old basis of Catholicism.
So I let this one go.
"Woman and man were created equal, but with very different, albeit both important, roles to play: the man to conquer, the woman to aid (serve) man".
Here you are. An army of bona fide housekeepers. Just as nature intended.
Are you having a nosebleed? I bet you do.
So, to put it bluntly, the women have been intended solely for the supporting roles in this man's world.
Even worse, women should feel honoured in their role. They are doing God's work in the world. They cannot become priests because it would mean 'reducing the importance of the bigger part they have to play'.
Or maybe, always to put it bluntly, for every woman sitting at the board, there would be one less standing at the ironing board.
In the following article is described the condition of women within the Catholic Church as seen by another woman, obviously in agreement with the whole thing.
Some of the points that really make me wish I had a vagina, just to have the excuse of flashing it at his holiness Ratzy, are the following:
-when talking about the role women have in the world, there is a weird recurrence of words like 'sumbissive' and 'humble'.
-when talking about the steps society has taken towards sexual equality, it's implied that women reach power through birth control. As if deciding to have an abortion is first and foremost an assertion of power for a woman.
-a woman that chooses to die to save her unborn child is somehow better than the one who chooses to live. Hence the implied notion of a woman that reaches her purpose only through sacrifice.

What is apparent to me is that there is no women left in this desolate land.
Only two things: Madonnas and Whores.
The first kind is good enough for heaven and barely good enough to worship or teach, the second kind is the stuff of nightmares.
Where do you fit?