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Hi everyone!

Please watch this video (if you have not already done that...) and let me pre-warn you that I am neither a racist nor a Xenophobe....

As an ex fashion student, fashion designer and fashion-employed person, I am sincerely aghast at the spectacular fall from grace of John Galliano, one of the most brilliant designers alive today.
Only yesterday I got into a debate with some friends and the outcome of it all was me being called a hypocrite, as I was (apparently) insensitively trying to minimise what is in fact (???) a HUGE thing.
In all the horror of this accident, that I DO NOT CONDONE OR ENDORSE, there is something that nobody is noticing: a 50 year old man, drunk out of his wits, sitting alone in a bar, nursing his drink, getting taunted by some girls that poke at him for fun, as you would poke at a poisonous snake from an advantage point,with questions, laughter, and fake disapproval ( I even doubt those people know anything about the Shoah...). These lot were simply lucky enough to have caught a very famous man on camera, drunk, spitting abuse at bystanders. Imagine if it was Madonna instead.... Or Mel Gibson.... Apparently he hates the jews too....
I doubt they would have engaged in the same behaviour if instead of John Galliano sitting there was merely a John Smith.
Also, what is really dangerous here, is not a racist rant in the relative privacy of a bar, but the fact that this video went viral (the video is from October and obviously kept as a treasured possession within the phone-memory of the owners as a sad claim to fame...) hours after Galliano's arrest. Where is the hypocrisy now uh? Perhaps some of us get offended and disgusted and shocked 4 months after the thing happened and decide to show the world what an asshole John Galliano is.
I know I am threading on dangerous ground here, I mean no offence to anybody, but I still think that Dior's reaction was totally disproportionate. I understand that in a business that appeals to so many jewish women ( wealthy haute couture customers in the world are between 200 and 2000 if statistics are to be believed, and good part of them are jewish women ), one does not want to bite or alienate the hands that feed so many.
I can appreciate also Natalie Portman comments on the matter (she doesn't want to be associated with Galliano in any way...).
What makes me think is the fact that, barely hours after her comments, Dior gave Galliano the sack.
I remind you that Miss Portman is the hottest thing on the planet at the moment, thanks to her recent Oscar for Best Actress and she is testimonial for the new Dior Cherie perfume. She is also a beautiful and proud jewish woman.
I hope that friends of Mr Galliano will come in to give the world a better image of this disgraced designer, to whom Dior owes a net profit of over 3 billion € since he took over as creative director in 1996.
Going back to the video, do you see a man that really hates jews and loves Hitler (yuk!) or a poor drunken bastard (yuk yuk!!) ranting at strangers?
No matter who you are, how much money you got and how famous or talented you are. When you have that much alcohol in you, you are only a poor drunken bastard. This is what needed to be helped this time.
I hope that Galliano has enough blood in him to satisfy the thirst of all the people baying for it.

Sad day for fashion.


N.T.S. (note to self): when drunk in a stupor, make sure you don't have vultures around you trying to make you look worse than you already are with their mobile camera phones.....

A friend told me that everyone is replaceable. It's true. But wasting a true genius on such trivial matter is nevertheless a shame. I think it could have been avoided.