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I promised myself I wouldn't waste blog space to write about Bin Laden's demise, but it looks as if I am surrounded by a lot of people recriminating against whoever is showing relief at the news.
All over the papers there is this sense of uneasiness, as if killing such monster was not such a good thing after all.
They are worrying if the burial followed islamic protocol, if he was or was not armed when he got gunned down. They are worrying about the legality of the action. A lot of questions are being asked with regards to the 'how', the 'when' and the 'how many'.
I, for one, just want to ask the only question that REALLY matters. Can we have proof that he is dead?
I am not going to join the moralists (wether they like the definition or not) or the folks that like to stir polemic just for the sake of it. They are as fake as Judas and I don't believe for a second they are mourning the loss of such a mass murderer.
War is a dirty business where right and wrong are blurred. Blood is spilled, regardless if it is innocent blood or less, it is nevertheless blood, life, human life. In war there is only action and retribution, cause and consequence, whatever the reasons behind the conflict, at war we are all guilty.
Taking Bin Laden down required a firm stance from the US, with the knowledge of exposing a whole country to a landslide of criticism.
I am happy Bin Laden is dead. I am happy that he doesn't get to breathe the same air my son breathes. I am happy that, although nothing has changed and Al Qaeda is still an ugly machine of evil in motion, one of its leaders has been taken down.
I seem to recall that this man was at war with the western world. He buried over 3000 people at the WTC during 9/11. Many of these people have been refused the luxury of a burial in accordance with their faiths. Because their bodies could not be put together again. Their families have lost them under a mountain of concrete, glass and iron.
Bin Laden had the luxury of becoming a martyr by dying of the same violence he spread across the world and the privilege of being buried all in one piece exactly where he belongs, as close as possible to Hell.
It's all well and good to pontificate about right and wrong, about the nature of the actions taken to eliminate this enemy of humanity. Countless people out there are still hurting for the everlasting damage this tyrant has done to their families, their countries, themselves.
Let's ask them to determine wether Osama Bin Laden has in fact met the just retribution to his crimes or if he is another victim of 'american brutality'.
Theirs, is the only opinion I have respect for. Whatever that opinion might be.

QF x

See what you get for bitching about the dead? My Facebook account has been inundated with spammy links related to an alleged video of Bin Laden's death... It's everywhere!!!
In the words of Bette Davies allegedly speaking about the death of Joan Crawford "Momma said that one should only speak good of the dead... She's dead.... Good!".
Better now?