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Hi mummies, daddies and baby-snatchers,

I just bumped into this lovely story of acceptance and personal affirmation. Just like in Glee, a boy (a transgender, pre-op and still very much 'testiculated') gets elected Prom Queen.
I say 'boy' because Andrew, or 'Andii' as he is sometimes known, says of himself : "I am not a 'she' yet...". Kudos to you for not caring about what pronoun society decides to slap on your forehead.
He says he had to fight against all the students that rallied and petitioned to have him removed from the competition, but he made it. He has been taunted, bullied and reviled, but managed to come out on top. That's a result!
For precision's sake, I would like to highlight another side of this story.
I repeated over and over again that I REFUSE to fly the flag of diversity, because I am not part of a closed community, I am part of society in general, and I do not automatically get on the side of an individual just because we engage in the same activities in the privacy of our bedrooms....
So, I had to pay attention to the comments that some students, that were personally involved with Andrew, left under the above article.
They remark on the fact that Andrew should not have won, not because of what he is, but because, allegedly, he is not a very pleasant person.
He is bitchy, attention seeking, back stabbing.
The bullying he complained about ("I filed bullying reports on many occasions...") is the very same brand of abuse he dished out on others. The students opposing this election, are simply remarking on the fact that being Prom Queen means being the most popular (i.e. liked...) person in school and Andrew was not.
Andrew allegedly craved the attention and did everything to get it. But it's said that there were more deserving queens to be crowned on that day.
They are also complaining of the fact that the votes Andrew got, were not the result of a solid support system on his back and his peers' willingness to advocate diversity, but the result of a joke. A bet. A sabotage.
Whatever the process to get there, Andrew got there. Got on the stage. Got to wear that tiara. Got the attention and exposure.
Let me say something though.
If Andrew is indeed a bitch, then he is every inch the true Prom Queen. In today's teenage society, you don't get popular because you are Mother Theresa, but because you have the balls/money/style/body to chew the competition. Sounds horrible right? But I was a teenager 20 years ago, and I still remember who the 'cool kids' were. They weren't the samaritans of the school, but the kids everyone wanted to be/have sex with/be friends with/envy.
If Andrew is indeed a bitch is because he had to live with a chip on his shoulder the size of Oprah's butt. When around you people attack you, over and over and over again, you MUST grow a thicker skin and a sharper tongue, or you won't survive.
I'm not condoning bitchiness and nastiness in anyone. I don't care if you are black, white, asian, handicapped or gay.
If you are an asshole, you are an asshole and I'll call you one. But I will never kid myself and think you were born one.
I just hope that growing up Andrew and his peers will mature, realise the importance of this milestone for many teens and harness its significance in a positive message for everybody.
Wether out of a joke or a tentative to sabotage the Prom Queen Election, or out of a genuine act of acceptance, what happened it's huge, for so many people.
Well done to Andrew and all the students at Mc Fatter Technical High School in Davie, Florida, but please be aware that that crown is heavier and more precious than it looks, for so many out there.
It cannot be just about receiving craved attention, especially if you think that, for so many teens in Andrew's position, attention is the very thing they try to stay away from as it usually turns into bruises that no concealer can ever cover up.