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Hi everyone!
Just like Bess...

Here is yours truly awarded as Best LGBT Blog by Circle of Moms, a community online that boasts around 6 million active users!!! I do hope to see the number of my followers increase as a result and, who knows, a book deal as well.... ;0)

Thank you all for voting in the past weeks, thank you to my friends, my extended family, their friends and colleagues and whoever has taken the time to vote! I crushed the competition with a staggering 756 votes!!!! Do I sound arrogant?
Oh well..... It will be another notch on the Devil's fork then.....

Seriously, thank you so much!

QF x

I would love to be able to stand on a podium and say :
"I want to thank my manager, my makeup artist and my Pilates teacher for having given me this rocking body all of you would like to have...", but no, I am sitting here, puffy eyed, not having even had the time for lunch.
I want to thank Andrew, because even if we have not seen each other in ages, he rallied across Burberry's and Alexander McQueen's and Gucci's offices to get enough votes together to secure my first prize! So there! Thank you Andrew! You are one battle-bitch worth having in the team!!!

Now get off my fucking podium, you're standing on my dress!

;0) xxx